Twinning Program

Background Alzheimer Indonesia and Alzheimer Netherlands have a collaboration under the Twinning Program of Alzheimer’s Disease International. This is a three-year collaboration for 2017-2019 and actually an renewal of a previous Twinning program.

Objective is to exchange information and learn from each other and for Alzheimer Indonesia to benefit from the organizational experience from Alzheimer Netherlands.

Activities In 2017 a foundation (Stichting Alzheimer Indonesia Nederland) was created in the Netherlands to support the work in Indonesia and raise awareness within the Indonesian community living in the Netherlands. This foundation has organed a number of events during 2017 and 2018.

Alzheimer Netherlands received a three-year grant from the Ministry of Health to support the program financially.

A key activity was to support the ADI Asia Pacific conference in Jakarta, Indonesia in November 2017 with both a financial contribution and a number of sponsored academic speakers.





2018 will focus on building capacity within Alzheimer Indonesia and its local chapters one of them through Hope, Love and Care Seminars in Indonesia.

2019 we hope to report the outcomes of the program at the 29th Alzheimer Europe conference in The Hague to give an overview of activities in both countries and highlight the benefits for each organization.

2020 we joined The Netherlands Trade Mission to Indonesia


During Pandemic 2020-2022:



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