The Netherlands Regio and Indonesia Contact Person

The Netherlands Contact Person

Doetinchem, Gelderland

Dara Rosmailina Pabittei, MD, PhD.

Originally from Makassar, she was born in Bandung, grew up in Jakarta and now lives in Doetinchem, Gelderland.

Move around too many times makes her sometimes confuse where is she originally came from.

Dara completed her General Practitioner’s degree at Gadjah Mada University Yogyakarta then she continued her doctoral education at University of Amsterdam, majoring in Academic Medical Centre.

Dara is currently taking Elderly Physician Specialist Education at Radboud UMC, Nijmegen which will be completed in May 2023. She is currently working at Stichting Azora, Terborg.


Agnes Djamianto

Originally from Jakarta. She studied at Trisakti University, majoring in Accounting.

Currently, Agnes works at RELX Overseas BV, Finance Controller and is active in ALZI NED, KKI Amersfoort in the management department.

All Alzheimer’s related activities are prioritised by Agnes to support her husband who has dementia at the early stage of Alzheimer’s symptoms.

Den Haag

Dessy de Waal-Ekarini

She is originally from Lombok, but now lives in the Netherlands and is married to a Dutch man
she has 2 children (boy)

Dessy is the initiator of ALZI Lombok (2019) and SAHABAT ALZI Bima (2023) in Indonesia.

Graduated from Akper Yarsi Mataram in Lombok, she holds the title MBO nurse Level 4.

Since 2006, Dessy has been working as a senior nurse at a rehabilitation center for NAH Non-Trained Brain Injury.
For example, she has a lot of responsibility
nurse skills examiner or assessor (since 2007) and as a full-time teacher respiratory tracheostomy and tracheostomy (since January 2020) and she can be appointed as a consultant of all problems related to tracheostomy at her work,
and since Sept 2018 an attention fielder for all the wounds at the location of her work,
she is also a work supervisor in the workplace for a new colleague / student / intern
Dessy regularly gives a clinical lesson and workshop to colleagues about IV, wounds, vacuum therapy and other skills

Since recently(Feb 2023) she has been working with the Yomema International company (reqruitment) to support the students with communication skills, how to survive in the Netherlands, the culture shock and as of March 1 2023 she is officially a registered nurse in psycogeriatrics

In April 2023 Dessy will start with a new Positive Psychology course and mid-October 2023 will start with Palliative Terminal Care training. Dessy loves to learn and is always curious about new things.

She is also the founder of Jotafoundation Lombok and keeps in touch with other people through various organizations.
Dessy is always active from the Netherlands to support the island on Lombok with a small activity food then since September 2022 member of the Center of Expertise for LBS Coma (work with the target group has been since 2006 and for LBS Dessy work with VIN program also with people who are Coma and sometimes vegetative state)


Wati Chaeron

Born and raised in The Hague since 1980. Went to the Indonesian School in The Netherlands, then studied Engineering in TU Delft. Now she is a mother of three boys. Since January 2023 moved to Delft because the boys go to school in Delft.

Wati is active in the Indonesian-Dutch community, one of the founders of the Indonesian Diaspora Network in The Netherlands. Furthermore, she is an active member of the Indonesian mesjid community, the ‘PPME Den Haag’. In her spare time, she writes a lot for and does different writing projects.

Since 2013 Wati become the caregiver of her mother who was diagnosed with vascular dementia. Together with her sister, she took care of her mother, first at home and then in a nursing home. Her mother lived in a warm and loving nursing home nearby her house and in an ‘Indonesian’ setting home. She was actively involved with this new home of her mother by volunteering cooking Indonesian food such as Soto Ayam and Nasi Goreng for the residents and the nursery staff.

By being a Regional Contact for ALZI Ned, Wati hopes to help the ALZI Ned team build awareness of this complex disease called Alzheimer’s.


Deasy Damayanti.

Originally from Jakarta with a hospitality education at Trisakti Jakarta and a hospitality scholarship in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands.

Touched by the world of health in the Netherlands when she experienced the birth of her first child in 2011 in a hospital in the Netherlands. At that time, she was not only treated but also given sincere attention from the nurses on duty.

Wanting to provide the same experience in the health sector, she studied nursing and continued to develop herself by attending various nursing trainings.

For her, dedication and sincerity are the right keys in treating patients towards recovery.

Together with her two children and husband, Deasy Damayanti currently resides in Zwolle.

Deasy is currently working as a Nurse in Education at the Department of Somatic Verzorgende IG/MZ Carinova, St. Willibrord, Olst.

Deasy is also a long distance caregiver for her mother who is living with dementia in Jakarta, which makes her take the time to volunteer at Alzheimer Indonesia Nederland in between her busy schedule.


Anastasia Gerretsen alias Anastasia Teguh Rahayu.

Lives in Rotterdam, originally born and raised in Jakarta with parents from Semarang and Yogyakarta origins.

Now Tasia works at Gemeentearchief Schiedam and on top of that she is occasionally teach Bahasa Indonesia, cooks Indonesian food and sell Indonesian fashion as well.

Tasia is active in some Indonesian organisations in The Netherlands such as: DWP (Dharma Wanita Persatuan), Diaspora Angklung and Ikatan Wanita Kreatif Indonesia. She holds 2 diploma in teaching and archives.

She involves with ALZI Nederland since her late mother living with Dementia in Indonesia and since she is supporting ALZI Nederland till now.

Amsterdam and surroundings

Ade Sinaga

Ade lives in Aalsmeer in the neighborhood of Amsterdam.

Ade has North Sumatra origins and in The Netherlands Ade active in some organisations such as PPME Amsterdam and Cultuurtuin.

Ade involvement with ALZI Nederland is because she is interest in healthy aging to improve quality life in The Netherlands.

Indonesia Regio Contact Person

Tania Marini Setiadi, MD, M.Biomed(AAM)

is a general practitioner who has always had profound interest in brain aging. She obtained her medical doctor degree in 2005, and Master of Biomedical Science (majoring in anti aging medicine) from Udayana University, Bali, Indonesia in 2014. In 2016 she was granted a full scholarship from Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education (LPDP) to continue her doctoral study in Department of Neuroscience, UMCG – University of Groningen, The Netherlands. The main focus of her research is behaviour and cognitive changes in Mild Cognitive Impairment. For more than 10 years she has been active in various volunteering activities (health education, breast cancer awareness) in the islands within eastern Indonesia. While pursuing her PhD, she has been volunteering in Alzheimer Indonesia Nederland activities and was holds the position of Champions Science Support.

Tania can be reached at:

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