Founder and Board Member

Marc Wortmann

Marc Wortmann is a consultant to the non-profit sector in strategy, governance, fundraising and events, based near Utrecht in The Netherlands. He was educated as a lawyer, was a member of the Provincial Parliament and worked for the last 20 years in the non-profit world, as Executive Director of Alzheimer Netherlands (2000-2006) and of Alzheimer’s Disease International in London (2006-2017), the global umbrella body of Alzheimer associations. He has a lot of experience in international advocacy and lobby at the World Health Organization and United Nations, organizing conferences and events, fundraising and governance of NGOs. Marc has been a speaker at many (international) conferences and events and published dozens of articles and papers on these topics.

As a consultant he is still mostly involved in the Alzheimer’s and dementia movement worldwide, but also in other chronic disease areas and the philanthropic sector as such.

He is a board member of various NGOs and research expert at De Dikke Blauwe, the Dutch weekly magazine for the non-profit sector. 

Amalia Fonk-Utomo

Amalia Fonk-Utomo is a Bachelor from Visual Communication Trisakti University Jakarta, Indonesia. She spends more than 25 years as a creative advertising person in creative and business department. After working for multinational advertising agencies like Ogilvy, DDB and Lowe, she starts her own agency called Juara which leads her to voluntary work at Alzheimer Indonesia (ALZI) by creating the campaign idea “Jangan Maklum Dengan Pikun” (Do not under estimate memory loss) which is created from a very deep insight of Indonesian stigma of Pikun (Memory Loss). This agency also created “The 10 signs” brochure which have been adapted to many countries & language such as Dutch, English, Arabic, Javanese (Surinamese), French and many. She starts focus as ALZI’s volunteer when she moved to The Netherlands as The Country Manager for ALZI and now also Deputy Executive Director ALzheimer’s Indonesia. After less than a year the chapter now becoming official Alzheimer Indonesia Nederland Foundation (ALZI NL) which she sits as a Chairperson aside her role as management in ALZI. She is active in visiting nursing homes in Indonesia and The Netherlands. Improving Indonesia and Indonesians through: Transfer knowledge from The Netherlands and other countries to Indonesia, penetrating Indonesians Immigrant in the world especially The Netherlands through working closely with Ministries, Embassies and other organisations in both countries and build competency in Indonesia are her spirit in improving the quality of life people with dementia. As a creative advertising person she is also founded NeMu Idea, a creative house in Groningen, The Netherlands. Whose also doing many projects with NGOs around the world.  She can be reach at: and any social media as: absolutraia.

DY Suharya

DY Suharya is the Regional Director of Alzheimer’s Disease International Asia Pacific Region and Founder of Alzheimer’s Indonesia, an NGO that aims to improve quality life of people with dementia and family caregivers and works toward greater Dementia Alzheimer awareness, care and risk reduction in Indonesia. DY holds a Master of Public Health (MPH) from Curtin University Perth, Australia, a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, Ohio State University, USA and a Diploma in English Literature from the University of Indonesia. DY has more than 20 years of experience in public health, public private partnerships and communication, in the past, DY has worked as a Health Communication Consultant with the World Bank, WHO and UNICEF. DY’s mother was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia in 2009 and has been her source of inspiration in improving quality life of people with dementia, caregivers and inter-generations through the establishment of Alzheimer’s Indonesia since 2013. Her mother passed away in April 2017 but her legacy continues.

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