Greetings from Alzheimer Disease International : Asia Pacific Regional Conference 2022, Taipei-Taiwan

From December 8-10, 2022, Stichting Alzheimer Indonesia Nederland participated in the Alzheimer Disease International Asia Pacific Regional Conference in Taipei, Taiwan, under the theme of “Living well with dementia in changing society.” The conference brought together experts, researchers, and caregivers from across the region to discuss the latest advancements in dementia research, care, and support.

During the conference, Stichting Alzheimer Indonesia Nederland engaged in various activities to support their mission of raising awareness and improving the lives of those affected by dementia in Indonesia and beyond. They attended the Asia Pacific Regional Office meeting, which provided an opportunity to connect with other Alzheimer Disease International (ADI) members in Asia Pacific and share best practices.

Additionally, we visited the Family of Wisdom Elderly Care facility, where they made their first Christmas card led by people with dementia. This experience highlighted the importance of engaging and empowering people with dementia to maintain their creativity and independence.

Stichting Alzheimer Indonesia Nederland also participated ADI Accreditation Session, which allowed people to gain valuable insights into best practices for dementia care and support globally. Moreover, we presented on adapting a book from Alzheimer Nederland to Bahasa and Indonesian culture. “Dementie en nu” to “Dementia Lalu Bagaimana?” and “Afscheid en verlies bij dementia” to “Kehilangan dan perpisahan pada demensia” via in person poster presentation in exhibition area.

The adaptation of the book makes this valuable information accessible to Indonesian and any society and addresses the specific cultural and linguistic context of Indonesia.

We were proud to showcase the Melody Memory Project (MMP) Bali in this conference. MMP Bali was an activity that involves the elderly community to carry out meaningful activities in their old age. MMP Bali aimed to provide the elderly with accessible information about the functioning of the brain and about dementia by offering fun activities, namely a gamelan music program. Besides practicing gamelan and sharing information, health checks for the community were also held. Through this program, it is expected that the public will become more aware of dementia.

In addition, with Alzheimer’s Indonesia we participated in  Alzheimer Awareness Session at the Indonesian Trade Office for Indonesian Diaspora in Taiwan, aiming to educate attendees about the warning signs of dementia and encourage them to seek early diagnosis and prevention specially for Indonesian Migrant and Diaspora in Taiwan.

Stichting Alzheimer Indonesia Nederland is grateful for the opportunity to attend the Alzheimer Disease International Asia Pacific Regional Conference and to contribute to the global conversation on dementia care and support. They believe that by working together and sharing knowledge and experiences, we can improve the lives of those affected by dementia in our communities.

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