Caregiving and volunteering, inspired by my dementia parents.

💜Salam Ungu💜

Hope Love Care Seminar in Malang, October 2018

Exactly one month ago, my precious adventure as a Volunteer for the @ Stichting Alzheimer Indonesia Nederland has brought me to another level of understanding and concerning about what we call Alzheimer. As a Speaker at that time for more than 700 people , Presenting a presentation about Caregivers and presentation with the Dutch Team about The Dutch’s Point of views of Alzheimer that can be implemented in Indonesia has opened more feeling for me to help more people in giving information about this disease.

Sharing my knowledge in The Netherlands for my home country Indonesia

So , that is what I do even tho I have so little time in between my “crazy life” but I tried always in any time I have I manage to share the information. And one of wonderful feeling I got is when they came to ask me without I ask. It gave me a sense of meaningful life , that I am useful to spread the words. My house is always open for people that eager want to know more about Alzheimer and also how to manage our self in order to stay in our sanity while taking care of our family member with Alzheimer.

My lovely parents

Some of the pictures you see are the pictures where I gave information to some groups of women in Indonesia thru WA ( long live technology😊) and got helped from my sister in law, my aunty and my niece. Their enthusiasm in want to know more about this disease were really made my days even tho I am a thousands miles away from them.

Community Sharing 10 signs of dementia in Depok, Indonesia

And yet, even tho it saddened me with what happened with my parents but in the end I see a blessing more in my life how it leads my life to be more colourful and grateful and most of all I gain more lovely friends and wonderful networks and I received love of what I do with my heart.

My lovely parents whose both have dementia

I hope my story will inspire and motivate more people mostly young generation to be more concern about Alzheimer.

💜Salam Ungu💜

Fitri Gaylani Sabariah.

Her parents both have dementia in Depok, Indonesia and now she is working at Nursing Home Vivaldi in Zoetermeer. 

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