Stichting Alzheimer Indonesia Nederland

Stichting Alzheimer Indonesia Nederland is a non profit organization that aims to improve the quality life of people with Dementia / Alzheimer, their families and caregivers in Indonesia through Alzheimer Indonesia from The Netherlands.

Stichting (Foundation) Alzheimer Indonesia Nederland was established on 6th September 2017 and Alzheimer Indonesia which is also known as ALZI was established in Indonesia on August 3rd 2013. Both are supported by Alzheimer Nederland, Local Government DKI Jakarta, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Social Affairs, Medias, Private Sectors, Communities and Volunteers of various ages and professionals including Neurologists, Psychiatrists, Geriatricians, Lawyers, Health Communication Specialists, Students, etc.

Our program focuses on advocacy, awareness raising, capacity building, research and development and strengthening internal organization.

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